Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Serious Data for the Polygamy Debate

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JohnLester said...

Well, humor should have SOME basis in fact.

40% of Joseph Smith's wives were over age 30.

10% were over age 50 with the oldest at age 58, more than 20 years older than him.

Since women married MUCH younger back in the 1830s and the 1840s than what he did today, he's more accurately accused of marrying old maids, than young girls.

Two of his wives were age 14 (not that scandalous considering that my Pentecostal preacher grandfather married my grandmother when she wa 14 with the blessings of her parents and the state). They stayed together til death did them part and have 10 children.

With the exception of the two 14 year olds, the other 32 (or more) wives of Joseph Smith were ages 16 to 58 *at the time of marriage.*

For a reference point, the national age of consent at that time was almost uniformly age 10 (except for Delaware which followed British common law and had the age of consent at age 7).

See for more information.

PS It's funny how we Americans decry Mohammad as a pedophile when, by those same standards, we were a nation of mostly pedophiles less than 2 centuries ago. Whereas Mohammad was from 14 centuries ago...