Sunday, April 06, 2008

Honey-Colored Nation

I heard two great phrases this week that mark the generational change America is undergoing as the Race Question turns into the thousand ways of living our national ethnicity.

Jon Henke, of the libertarian QandO Blog, reprinted his post of 2006: "Martin Luther King: The Last Founding Father."

And in some other blog, which I can not now find, someone described today's America, Obama's America, Gen-X America: we are a "honey-colored nation."


Susan said...

It was Erica Jong at

Sadly, the rest of the piece is ageist, in that she can't imagine Obama being ready for prime time.

Anonymous said...

You "Centrist" are sure obsessed with race and color. I predict Obama will get the sizeable "white guilt" vote.

SSG Greene said...

Thank God we are becoming a honey-colored nation. I hope that my generation (I'm 37) will completly realize this in my lifetime