Saturday, January 12, 2008

Very Happy Wedding for Mature People

I had the honor of participating in a wedding today of an old friend. After decades, she was reunited with her first love. Everyone has happy, including children from one of the first marriages. Bride and groom were delighted and humorous, which set the tone for everyone.

The groom's brother, who was inadvertent midwife to this union by keeping each informed of the other's life through the years, was the minister who married them. He gave an excellent charge to the couple, including a serious recognition of their maturity in life. He said they came to the union now with a lack of innocence. This was not at all a dig. He noted for all that they knew about life and love and marriage much that young newlyweds do not. This was good food for thought, for me at least.

Oh, and if you are going to have a January wedding, may I commend Texas, where it was 67 degrees and sunny? There is a lovely wedding chapel in Salado.

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