Saturday, November 17, 2007


OK, this one is mostly an inside joke.

My wife is an education consultant. Her ability to influence events consists of her vast brain and her ability to analyze and re-analyze mind-numbing datasets about education. And write clear statements of what's what. This often disconcerts other outside agitators who are not as good at analyzing what is going on. They think she has an inside track because she is quoted often.

Recently, one of the way-outside education bloggers called her a "bureaucrat." Given that her bureau consists of an iBook and our dining room table, this struck us as funny.

Years ago we got a buffet for the dining room. Our young son couldn't remember "buffet," so he jokingly called it the "burrito." This name stuck.

Mrs. G. is not a bureaucrat. She is a burritocrat.


Anonymous said...

Don't know ur wife but if she has no more to recommend her than one B Bond edu consultant making 250 an hour, being called a beaurocrat should be flattering more than anything else. With the state of our schools and student underachievement, no edu consultant in this state is worth that kind of smack.

Gruntled said...

I think I must be the beaurocrat.