Friday, October 12, 2007

Middlebury Shines

Endub had a great visit at Middlebury. The students were smart, engaged, witty, and cheerful. The college is rich and has wonderful resources. The classes were great -- she stayed to ask questions, and was answered well. The Admissions guy liked her humorous art. And the campus was Vermont-in-autumn gorgeous.

Application to follow.

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Anonymous said...

I used to know some folks who taught at Middlebury. In addition to all the great things you mention, it's in the heart of New England Contra Dance territory, and has a very active community dance tradition. I was a contra dance caller for years (still am on the Saturday after Thanksgiving...) Middlebury is one of the places where teens, college students, young couples, middle agers and seniors (yes, dance enough and you're still healthy to do it in your 80s) get together to dance. A few teen-bands have sprung up from that area that quickly gained "adult" recognition. I don't know if folk music & dance are anything Endub might like - but if so, Middlebury's one of the best places to have them readily available.