Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Russian "Conception Day"

Russia, like most developed countries, is facing a demographic crisis of not nearly enough babies to replace their current population. The governor of Ulyanovsk, Sergei Morozov, had a bright idea to do something about it: give everyone the day off, so they can go home and conceive. Under the wonderful euphemism "Family Contact Day," today has been set aside for making babies who would be born 9 months from now, June 12 -- Russia Day. To promote the "Give Birth to a Patriot on Russia Day" campaign, the Ulyanovsk government has set up exhibits and even a traveling "agit-train" full of helpful gynecologists and psychologists, a reminder of the old Bolshevik agit-trains.

I wish them well, and hope everyone in Ulyanosk has patriotic fun today. Happy Conception Day.


Nate said...

that completely made my day.

Jeff said...

Here's what we had to say about Russian Conception Day. I hope that you get a kick out of it.

Gruntled said...

Wonderful. Though I will point out to the YouTube fans that if Conception Day works, men will have to shed their laziness for hard work of another kind :-)