Sunday, July 22, 2007

Spoiler! (Not Really)

The eldest Gruntled child, Megblum, is paranoid about running across any Harry Potter spoilers. Her friends know this. She called one of them to give him birthday greetings. The conversation went like this:

Friend: "Hello?"

Megblum: "Happy Birthday!"

Friend: "Boromir dies!"

Layers of cultural literacy are buried in that prank.


Anonymous said...

"Layers of cultural literacy are buried in that prank." Please explain. I think I understand but how can three words entail so much?

Gruntled said...

Well, "Boromir dies" is a spoiler for an epic that they are all interested in, but not Harry Potter. So he did ramp up her testy button, but then let her down again.

Reformed Catholic said...

Great Spoiler ... for LOTR book 1 !!

Funny sense of humor too !!

cynthia m. said...

LOL-that's funny.

Every time we have left a HP movie or a midnight book pick up (yes, I'm one of THOSE HP nerds), my husband will say loudly," I can't believe that Voldemort is Harry's father!" Which, A) is wrong and B) is a reference to a Simpson's episode making a reference to Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back!

And every time I roll my eyes.