Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lifetime Chastity for 1 in 5

About a quarter of women, and a sixth of men, report that they had no more than one sex partner in their whole lives. Now, some of these folks may stray after the survey. On the other hand, remarried widows and widowers may have more than one lifetime partner, but still be chaste. Still, this seems like a good baseline number of what fraction of Americans are likely to be virgins or to have sex only with their spouses in their whole lives. The "Chaste Fifth" is a minority, to be sure, but not a negligible one. I will remember this the next time someone proposes that chastity is unrealistic or that "everyone" has unmarried sex.


Jody Harrington said...

Thanks for this affirmation. I'm glad to see someone is looking at this statistic.

Mark Smith said...

You have drawn a conclusion that may not be supported.

You're assuming that people wait until marriage because they've had only one partner.

I wonder how many had sex WITH that partner BEFORE marriage.