Friday, April 27, 2007

The Windsors Drop a Badly Needed Middle-Class Upgrade Due to Class Prejudice

Ok, I don't really care who the heir-apparent to the British throne marries. And I don't really know anything about Kate Middleton other than that she is quite pretty. Still, she was described as a sensible middle class girl with a good education. One can only hope that such a person might be able to elevate the tone of the aristocracy through a sensible marriage. But according the British press, the young couple broke up because young William and his friends thought her speech too middle class and her mother made too much of an effort.

Still, I wouldn't wish the horrible pursuit and exposure that marrying into a royal family imposes on any nice person. I don't wish it on the Windsors, either, but there isn't much they can do about it. But it is likely that William and Harry will each marry, and one of those young ladies will likely have to put up with being married to a king.

We can only hope that she has some starch, and can keep it intact.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the French Revolution didn't reach the Island...and we wouldn't have to worry with this problem!

Anonymous said...

Naturally there has been rampant speculation over here amongst normal citizens who have to put up with the endless aristocratic pantomime exactly what went on. Kate is said to have come to her office and declared that Prince Charles called William for keeping her "on hold," and demanded they marry or separate. According to this news, William chose the later. There were earlier reports that Kate's Mum chewed gum and asked to be directed to the "toilet" at William's Army graduation ceremony; and compounded this offense by greeting the Queen with the phrase "pleased to meet you," rather than the preferable "how do you do." If marriages are predicated on such flimsy-whimsy over here one has to wonder if William and Harry could possibly do better than the rest of their morally and socially inept family. Considering that same-sex unions are nearly more welcome in the UK than heterosexual ones, perhaps their best bet is to simply marry each other and forget trying to mingle with anyone.

Gruntled said...

Well, that worked out well in the end.