Saturday, March 31, 2007

"300" Is Hilarious

The movie "300" is beautiful, has great fight scenes, and is completely over the top. The best part is the punchline: the Greeks are fighting the Persians to battle "tyranny and mysticism." Xerxes the god-king represents mysticism? The Spartan pagans, who show their own temple to be corrupt, are the defenders of clear-eyed rational faith? Wow.

The whole episode is enhanced by fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran – which surely would have condemned Xerxes to death as the worst kind of idolater – blasted the film as an attack on Iranian culture.


Stushie said...

I saw it on my 50th birthday. it was like a British camp movie of the sixties. The scene where Xerxes and Leonidus meet face to face was like a Mardi Gras parade meeting a bunch of Frat boys at the beach during Spring Break.

I laughed through most of it. Some teenagers in front of me giggled, too.

Gruntled said...

Camp is right. I wouldn't be surprised if the movie had a big gay following, both for the Spartans and for the gold-lame Xerxes.

rwbazillion said...

The movie was great. The movie was based off of the graphical novel and yes the movie was based on a real battle but remember that this isn't a documentary but entertainment. The Iranians are tripping over nothing.

Gruntled said...

Agreed. The film even has the standard "this is purely fictitious" disclaimer at the end, even though the battle and the main characters are real.