Saturday, January 20, 2007


I was tagged by fellow blogger Dennis Hancock to come up with five odd facts about me.

1. In college, I knew the combination to the college's safe.

2. I once performed P.D.Q. Bach music at Lincoln Center in New York. We even made a record, the Liebeslieder Polkas, of the same renowned fictitious composer's work.

3. Despite teaching a coffee class, I only have one cup a day.

4. I am the richest man in the world (3 kids @ GNP of North America = oodles)

5. I drive barefoot.


Mark Smith said...


I once premiered a Peter Schickele composition as part of the All-North Jersey Jr. High Orchestra. It was one of his serious works and was mostly percussion.

I've also seen him perform live. He always seems to be late and then climbs down a rope from the balcony. It's a unique perspective to WATCH from the balcony.

D-rew said...

2 questions

1. Why did you know the safe combo?

2. Do you think its changed?

Gruntled said...

I was in a Position of Trust as a atudent worker. Also, there wasn't really much in it, the big stuff being held in a bank. I think it more likely that they have changed the safe than the combination.

Denis Hancock said...

Does that one cup include cappuccino or latte drinks?

Peter Schickele is one of my favorites, even more so when I realized that he had a semi-serious side as well. Sneaky Pete and the Wolf is one I can listen to many times.

Gruntled said...

The one cup is usually a large mocha, though recently I have been experimenting with a small cappucino.