Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Scabies Spiritual

My #2 daughter, the wonderful Endub, has written a spiritual.
I thank her for sharing it with us.

The Scabies Spiritual

I'm so oppressed, and it itches really bad.
I'm not quite sure what I did to make God mad
But if I'm in the same boat as old Jobab
I guess I'll wait for Him right here
With my pottery and my scabs

Scabies, scabies
How I wish I'd been a stillborn baby
Maybe then I would not suffer as I do
Scabies, scabies
It shall surely drive me crazy
Let my skin fall off, Oh Lord,
And let the Sarcoptes scabiei leave me be

Job's only friends sat beside as he cried
He whined at them about how much he wished he'd die
But I have no one to refute me by my side
'cause my friends think I'm contagious
And both my goldfish died


I want to give God a piece of my mind
Ask him why he's treating me unkind
This really bites
I'm covered in mites
And I'd better get my camels when this is through
And yes, God, I'm talking to you.


Samoabob said...

I wish I'd had this song several years back when I endured a bout with scabies. I'm impressed that your daughter can be so creative in the midst of clawing her skin off from the itching.

Anonymous said...

After many hours on line and in practice I've gathered some coping skills to deal with my little critters... this has worked on scabies and ringworm, but I am 100% sure it will work on what you got going on...

These have worked like a charm, but unless you really work hard to sanitize your environment, you will be reinfected.

1) Garlic, 1000mg, odorless...and lots of it. I will get the gelcaps...I believe 'Nature's Bounty', or something close to that name from Walgreens, has been consistently strong enough.

I will take as many as 3x3 a day. This is the most important part of this routine. If you blood is inhospitable to those little suckers, your skin will be too. Allow 3-5 days to really notice a profound difference.

2) Oils... Neem, Oil of Oregano, Tea tree. I buy them all at the local health store and mix with some olive oil -not much though- and cover my entire body at night. These guys are truly stinky and you will be clear on why the parasites don't want to have anything to do you with you after. But each is a well known anti-parasitic in many countries.

3)wash everything in hot water + borax. I don't care how dark it is. One single item of clothing can reinfect you. Dry on high- bake those suckers.

4) Iron everything. I know its a pain in the boo boo. But a good steam iron will make your life livable again

5) Cover your mattress with a full plastic mattress cover... the kind with the zipper. Don't consider throwing it out till you've rid the entire house of your creatures. Change your sheets every 3/4 days. Must treat your bedcover, even if it costs $400! if you really can't wash it in hot... iron it for hours till you can slide under and not feel any pinpricks

6) Iron your furniture. Um, furniture is just like clothes. You have constant contact with it, especially if you are a couch potato... Steam that sucker too

7) If you can find it, get an enzyme-cleanser. 'Safe-to-Use' peppermint-enzyme cleanser has worked very well on skin and clothes... though it does not replace any of the above... it kills whatever is on a surface.

8) Smile... you've gotten nearly all out of your house. Expect a relapse here and there from a sweater that you didn't iron or a new life cycle coming out your skin.

9)For pets... dude! your screwed! I don't have any idea how to rid this from piles and pile of fur. it is likely the furball you love is what brought this into your home. they should be the first thing you treat. you touch them, they touch you, badda bing! Its deja vu all over again! I would consider giving them dip-baths in safe-to-use every other day. its the lifecycle you gotta consider here.