Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Insecure Farting Grounds Airliner

I have been giving the final exam in my social class course. One of the points that always interests students is the claim that it is very middle class to be embarrassed about body functions. Today's news brings us a prime, ridiculous example. A woman on an American Airlines flight was so embarrassed by her own flatulence that she kept lighting matches. When the other passengers smelled the matches, they thought someone might be trying to light a bomb fuse, and told the flight crew. The plane made a quick landing and evacuation in Nashville. After questioning, the woman finally revealed the truth.

As Benjamin Franklin said, fart proudly.


Anonymous said...

But the first to smell 'er is the guilty feller!

Anonymous said...

He who smells it dealt it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she was doing something else with those matches while farting...we all remember those times right? Maybe she was really being a fart terrorist. Don't tell the TSA, they'll ban flatulence in flight.