Saturday, November 11, 2006

Self Interrupting

"Knock knock."

Mrs. G. knows that a dumb joke is coming. Probably one she has heard before. Often. Nonetheless, she gamely counters, "Who's there?"

"Interrupting Starf-"

I have to digress here a moment. This is, indeed, one of my favorites. The knocker says "Interrupting starfish." Before the knockee can finish saying "Interrupting starfish who?" the knocker grabs the knockee's face with one spread, five-fingered hand. Hence the starfish. Also the interruption.

So I got as far as "Interrupting Starf-" when my wife, realizing which dumb joke she would have to put up with, put her face in her hand. And then realized that she had completed the joke for me. Self-interrupting starfish!

She suffers much for art.


Anonymous said...

I've told the interrupting starfish joke to several of my middle school students. It gets laughs every time.

Mrs. Brasfield

Mrs. Adkins said...

i always heard it as "interrupting cow" and you say "moo" when the person starts saying "interrupting cow who?" i like the moo! the starfish variation is a little more personal-space-invading :)