Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Satirist's Dream

Italian comedians are making fun of the Vatican. The Vatican is upset about it. Humorless lay people are threatening to boycott the sponsors of the satirical shows.

It is a satirist's dream. Touchy powerful people are the best gift one could ask for. I hope the Vatican gets so worked up about it that it becomes a story here. It would be great to have Stephen Colbert, conservative Catholic, slyly satirizing the Pope's secretary.

A representative joke:

The Holy Trinity won a free trip and had to decide where to go.
God the Father said he would like to go to Africa,
Jesus to Palestine, and
the Holy Spirit to the Vatican.
Asked why, the Holy Spirit responded: “Because I’ve never been there.”

[Which reminds me of my favorite Pope joke. Jesus calls the Pope on the phone.

Pope: "Jesus, Hallelujah! To what do I owe the honor of this call?"

Jesus: "Well, I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I am back."

Pope: "And the bad news?"

Jesus: "I'm calling from Salt Lake City."]


halifax said...

How about this one? "There've been huge protests in the Muslim world over anti-Muslim comments made by the new Pope, Pope Benedict. Today the Pope apologized, saying he never should have gone drinking with Mel Gibson." --Jay Leno

Edith OSB said...

It certainly is hard to know what to do when people take the approach of satire to one's religion. From what I've heard, some of the items on the satirical TV show were well designed to be intolerable to Catholics.

As Gruntled implies, a huffy response from the Vatican is not going to help matters much.

Run by fallible humans, all of our church bodies will do things which - considered without respect - can be the stuff of satire. It's always painful to be the butt of that humor; the process of thinking it up doesn't seem to promote spiritual growth. But - as this episode makes clear - along with the Danish cartoons, and the many jokes made about Rev Ted Haggard - this kind of ridicule seems to be an integral part of human nature.

Gruntled said...

The best answer to satire is self-deprecation. And not being ridiculous in the first place, but that may not be in the reach of human beings.

Edith OSB said...

The self-deprecation certainly rings true. There is nothing less dignified than puffing up and demanding to be treated with dignity...