Saturday, August 12, 2006

Toolkit: Wrong in So Many Ways


wha said...

Have we run out of topics gruntled?

Gruntled said...

Ah, no, but perhaps I am being too merciful. This remarkable graphic appeared on the cover of a government publication. The name of the agency is withheld to protect the guilty.

We showed it to a colleague, who was first struck by the, um, vulgar image it calls to mind. I was first befuddled by the impossible mechanics of it.

Anonymous said...

on another slightly inappropriate note
the chicken and the egg were lying in bed. the chicken, smking a cigerette, was looking smug and very prou. the egg, not expressing the same sentment says "well i guess we answered that question now didn't we?"

the only dirty joke i can tell my priest.

Kerri said...

You know how sometimes you see something, and think it's dirty, but then wonder if it's really dirty or if perhaps your mind is just corrupted? I just sat and stared at this thinking "Now that looks like a.... but surely Beau must have some more intelligent, subtle, witty reason for posting this! "

But no, we're all dirty. Good.

Gruntled said...

Well, yes, we are all dirty.

Still, think about what would happen to the bolts when you turn the wrench. It hurts the mechanically minded.