Saturday, July 15, 2006

Huge Goat in Danville!

A goat, described by some as huge, leapt through a plate glass window into my local coffeehouse in the middle of Danville. The patrons were as surprised as the goat was disoriented. After running about a bit in the coffeehouse (and possibly in the bookstore, too – reports were confused) the goat then leapt through another plate glass window, and escaped. It was pursued by police cars and sheriff's cars, sirens wailing. They trapped it on Martin Luther King Boulevard. A "goat wrangler" appeared, like the cavalry, wrestled the goat into submission, and took him back to the stockyards. Order was restored.


Kerri said...

I am here to clarify, as I was working at the Hub at the time of the goat's ambush. He (she?) did not actually make it into the Hub; he lept through one bookstore window and then out another, less than a minute later (the second window was the one closest to the Hub dining room, where the bookstore has a little area with couches). I looked up from the sandwich table after hearing the glass to see the goat's rump heading down Main Street.

Lots of sweeping up glass and jokes about feta cheese followed soon after.

Centreist said...

I'm dissapointed. I talked to Jim today and he mentioned nothing of this goat incident. I think someone needs to make sure next month's sandwich special is appropriately named in its honor.

SPorcupine said...

Got Your Goat?
Just Kidding?
Ram Sandwich?
All Kidding Aside? (comes with slaw)

Gruntled said...

(The previous comment is really me. Sorry for the accidental identity theft, Sporcupine.)