Saturday, May 20, 2006


This is the fastest rising girl's name in the century that the Social Security Administration has been keeping track of these things. From zero to 70th in six years.

It's "heaven" spelled backwards.

So what comes next?

Anavrin? Sounds like a painkiller.

Ayla, for Muslim girls (and her friends the 72 siruoh)?

Hallahlav? Maybe, though it sounds like a Cockney greeting ("'ello, luv")

Supmylo? Maybe, though it sounds like a ghetto greeting ("'S up, Mylo")

And why stop with heavens? Obmil, anyone? Yrotagrup?

Y, indeed?


Michael Kruse said...

Of course, any "Field of Dreams" fan would name the daughter AWOI.

KLG said...

I recently learned of a cool web site where you can track the popularity of the top 1000 names over the years - kind of fun to see that Shirley was most popular for girls born in the 30's, and now Emma is experiencing a resurgence because of the TV show 'Friends' - I'm sure sociologist could have a field day with it. Check out
- Kathy

Anonymous said...

If it was heaven spelled backwards then wouldn't it be NevAEh??

Gruntled said...

You are right, I am sloppy.
(I fixed it. Thanks).