Thursday, January 12, 2006

China’s Missing Girls

Yesterday I wrote about a report that there is so much sex-selection abortion in India that they are short half a million girls a year. Wasatch International Adoptions reports that in China there are half a million girls in orphanages who have been abandoned by their families. India’s demographic disaster is due to a combination of widespread prejudice against girls and spreading technology for identifying them. China also has a widespread prejudice against girls. China is getting richer all the time, and the same medical technology – amniocentesis and sonograms – spread further into the countryside each year.

In India the government has been cracking down on female feticide. In China, on the other hand, government policy has made the problem much worse. China has had a “one child per family” policy for a generation. This is the sort of draconian measure that the authoritarian communist regime was prone to try. Now they have an authoritarian capitalist regime, which so far show no signs of ending the brutal practice. The result has been tens of millions of forced abortions – and a widespread abandonment of girls. If the government only lets a couple have one child, and most couples would prefer that one child to be a boy, lots of first-born girls get dumped so the couple can try again.

The silver lining of this disaster has been that tens of thousands of Chinese girls have been adopted by American families. Those who rescue these girls are doing a great thing, and they get a wonderful addition to their own families in the bargain. Girls have become an export commodity for the Chinese regime, in the same way that the old East German communist regime sold their citizens to their separated family members in the West.

America is blessed with Chinese girls. They will grow up to be Americans.

The Chinese government will reap the whirlwind.


Ogilvie said...

Yes, a silver lining indeed. Almost 3000 Chinese children have come to the province of Quebec, which has the lowest birthrate in Canada. There are some interesting conditions imposed by the Chinese. For instance, they won't permit the children to be adopted by people living common law or by 'same-sex' couples.

Anonymous said...

Excellent; now all those high school guys who lay around their basement playing Dungeons and Dragons and watching old Godzilla movies and DVDs of anime porn they got off the internet, have a better chance of actually marrying an Oriental woman. That’s good because they really need wives.

SPorcupine said...


I believe you're succesfully identified an important social type. Now all you need is to give those guys a memorable name and write a best-seller about them.

Gruntled said...

I am glad that Canada gets to share the bounty.
And that there will be justice for D&D guys (I think I am raising one).